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Economical Energy Consultant, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of commercial boilers from Alternate Heating Systems, LLC. We can assist you if you plan to utilize waste oil, wood, biomass or coal for your commercial application, or if you want to explore these as possibilities. We can help you make the right decision regarding the correct boiler to purchase as well as offer insight into maximizing returns from your purchase.

Is a boiler from Economical Energy Consultant right for you?

If you have a residential inquiry, feel free to enter information in the contact form and we will pass the information on to residential sales. Beyond that, if:

  • You have a business of any kind and need to heat a large space.
  • You have space that is somewhat widely distributed.
  • You need large quantities of process hot water.

We can help you!

Our customers heat commercial buildings and greenhouses. They also utilize hydronic or steam boilers for hot water and many other heat requiring applications.

If you have an existing boiler, a solid fuel or waste oil boiler from Economical Energy Consultant can be installed as a component in the same heating system. We provide ASME boilers containing steam or water at the same operating pressures that are typical in steam and hydronic applications.

You will want to choose a boiler based on the type of fuel that is most cost effective for your heating needs. Garages and shops, fleet owners, or business located close to either, may want to consider waste oil. Waste oil offers high BTU output relative to fuel cost. Businesses located in the northeastern United States, or in the Mid-Atlantic region, will want to consider anthracite coal and the Coal Gun™. Businesses located anywhere in the world, who have a ready source of wood or other biomass, will want to consider the Wood Gun™. All of these choices are offered in outputs (single boiler) up to one million BTUs plus. If you need more output, multiple units can be utilized in tandem.

Economical Energy Consultant, Inc is operated by Jeff Gingerich. Jeff operated Alternate Heating Systems, Inc for over 10 years and has decades of experience in the solid fuel boiler industry.

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